Sex Toy Care In Honor of Sophie!!

I want to talk to you today about our beloved friend Sophie my BEST EVER selling cyber skinned bullet who died this week inside my party suitcase. Each of my toys are stored in their own draw skincase and it touch another toy through the mesh…. BIG JOHN…..and the two materials they are made of erroded each other! My party guests and hostesses name all my toys and I regret to tell you all who bought her and loved her dear sweet SOPHIE IS GONE!! (heartbroken) I am going to store my cyber skin toys in plastic zip lock bags with a light dusting of cyber renew from now on and you should too!
General care  tips for your toys:
~ Keep your toys clean with a little anti-bacterial toy cleaner and warm water.

~ If you want, break out the after sex wipes they work great too.

~ Don’t submerge the part of a toy that holds the batteries.

~ Do not submerge electric non-waterproof vibes at all….ever!

~ Nylon webbing harnesses can go in the wash with the rest of your laundry.

~ Never everrr use a toy without cleaning it after…..ever.

~ The very best way to insert any toy especially a bullet is with a fresh condom on it.

~ Silicone & Glass can be boiled up to 3 minutes,cleaned with an anti bacterial toy cleaner,   or run through your dishwasher.

~ Cyberskin toys need a good spraying with toy cleaner before and after use and then a light dusting with   cyber-renew and stored in plastic bags.

~ Oil products destroy latex! That means oil-based lubricants, massage oils, butter,  olive oil…anything containing oil. Use only water-based lubricant with latex.
You may think this sounds like alot to do but just remember only YOU can prevent “kitty” fires!

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