Great Places To Have Sex Before You Die

Here is This week’s next 5 places to have sex before you die. Wives there is no reason to not have some spicy nights no matter how love you been married.
1. You or your Spouse’s Office
2. The copy room in you or your spouse’s place of business
4. At your city’s zoo
5. A Vegas hotel penthouse

“101 places to have sex before you die” is a great book A must read 🙂


If you like me like many are trying to make ends meet and would love some extra money why not have your own personal fundraiser!! I do Flirty Fundraisers and will be having them now through the month of May in honor of Mothers Day. Passion Made Easy in conjunction with the No Limits Foundation will be giving Romance Toy Parties and GIVING you 20% yes GIVING you the 20% of the profit of that nights sales to go towards day care or whatever household bill you have need of paying! For having a 2 hour party for your friends co workers and family We will trade you that time for $$$ . This is a limited time offer as spots will be filling up fast. Contact us today to reserve your personal fundraiser today and remember….. EVERYDAY SHOULD BE MOTHERS DAY!

Our Latest Catalog

Here is our latest calalog for easy viewing in downloadable PDF format. There are over 75,000 items in our vendors selections we are bringing you the best of the best.

This Weekend Was Hilarious!

I Would like to personally thank the couples at this past Saturday’s 60 days to better intimacy event. Those husbands gave me a run for my money (laugh) but it was great fun to meet each of you. (Seeeeee? I didnt post about his favorite toy that I’ll make sure he gets just to get that product review)


I am very proud to say I know this wonderful blessing of a lady Ducky Doolittle and that I learned so much from her. She is the owner of a wonderful company called Love U Parties. This hilarious video of hers will really get YOU thinking….do I really want to have to explain this……..?

Sad way to start the new year

On behalf of our entire team our heartfelt prayers go out to the victims and their families at both Md bombing locations.

I Love This New Product!

If you’ve been married any length of time you know when you get the urge try something wild and sexy sometimes that can get a little well…. messy. All to the good but hey there is always the cleanup after. I am totally loving these new sexy red specially texturized sheet called Super Strap Super Sheet. It’s extremely durable and versatile and king size shiny bed sheet is perfect for covering beds, chairs, couches, floors, wherever! My next bridal shower….. Youre so getting this 🙂


I am sure these will sell like hotcakes at the next party. If you live in the Baltimore area and would like to get a free one check out our party pages! For more information contact me in the form below