Great Places To Have Sex Before You Die

Here is This week’s next 5 places to have sex before you die. Wives there is no reason to not have some spicy nights no matter how love you been married.
1. You or your Spouse’s Office
2. The copy room in you or your spouse’s place of business
4. At your city’s zoo
5. A Vegas hotel penthouse

“101 places to have sex before you die” is a great book A must read 🙂

Lovin Drought? Try This Tonight!

Often at parties I hear at least one woman say She and her husband haven’t have sex in ages and she doesn’t try to crank it up anymore. Sister let me tell you it is neverrrr too late to sprinkle a little spice on your lovelife. All you need is the willingness to try and some time to kill…. I will share some new and not so new games to try….tonight! Lets kiss those wedding rings and get some passion in there

Here is our game for now…. if you don’t own one there is a twister game almost everywhere there are toys sold.

Naked Twister
The classic game of Twister has always had hidden sexual connotations that teenage boys and girls have giggled about for years. Many guys have suffered from “back up” as a result of this game! Now it’s time to capitalize on Twister’s body bending fun for some carnal pleasure. Twister is an inexpensive game that can be purchased at just about any superstore or department store and only contains two pieces – a spinner and a mat with different colored dots on it. As you’re probably already aware, the object of the game for each person to spin the spinner and place their hands or feet on the corresponding colored dots. The fun part is getting all tangled up and of course the first one to fall loses! Make this game super sexy by stripping down to your skivvies (or nothing at all) and playing the game totally naked. The object of the game is the same, but you’ll probably end up bumping uglies – or giving him oral sex bliss – right there on the Twister mat before the game is even over.

This Week’s Sex Position Challenge The Lap Dance

I love reminding  couples how to spice up the romance they already have. You take your vows saying there will be no other in your bed for the next however many years. For some that can be a daunting prospect. Oh my friend thats the beauty of creativity! There are so many sources of ideas and new ways for new night how can anyone ever get board?! RE fasion that passion with our sex position challenges and make every night an adventure in pleasure.
These now classic  positions when tried and perfected make passion and intimacy a bigger part of our lives and that is just a wonderful feeling.I urge every couple to grab their spouse shut off the comcast and help each other remember how hot can to be.
This week’s sex position challenge …..the Lap Dance

The Lap Dance (previously known as Reverse Mastery) position is one of the highest rated; it puts the receiver on top while keeps penetration mobility high and its rear entry while remaining very intimate. To get into the position, the receiver sits, facing away, on top of their sitting partner. It’s the ultimate thigh master.

The Lap Dance position is incredibly versatile, so make sure to experiment with it on other furniture… a few ideas to help get those creative juices flowing: a bed, stairs, or the edge of the bathtub.
For a picture to help click below 3D Ainmated Image as always Parental Guidance Suggested