Sad way to start the new year

On behalf of our entire team our heartfelt prayers go out to the victims and their families at both Md bombing locations.

Friday Night Freebies Massage Coupon

This is a special gift to all our HUBBIES out there doing right by their wives and wanting a good cuddle up tonight after a hard work week…..Don’t try it empty handed though you better take some trash out and cook for her first. ¬†She works all week too….Print it out and fill it out….Have fun fellas!

Our company is expanding! Very Exciting!

We have been very busy adding to our product lines to serve our couples better. I am very happy to announce our agreement with Sensual Mystique for two of their sexiest lingerie lines! Starting in October your romance consultants will be able to bring you a variety of party theme choices. Wives Night Out
Moms Night In, Couples Only Parties, Engagement Parties, Bachelorette Parties,Cougar Parties Birthday Parties, Holiday Parties, Co-Worker Office Parties, Salon Appreciation Parties, Pajama Midnight Madness Parties, Public Events Sex Ed Workshops (Fee based) and OUR FAVORITE! Raven’s Purple Parties! We are striving to make Baltimore the commitment capital of Maryland families! Stay Tuned…..